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Irresistible Machine is the home of high-impact visuals and concept creations. We are a creative powerhouse aiming to craft compelling, original content that captures attention worldwide

We partner exclusively with luxury and high-end brands to craft impactful content that resonates with people. We create aesthetically breathtaking content that breaks through the noise.

Our work spans across continents, from the dry earth and rock of the Cycladic Island of Folegandros in Greece to the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. All films are courtesy of Irresistible Machine.

Our Services

Visual Licensing: We license our high-end visuals for use in major events or by brands looking to enhance their identity.

Branding Advertising: Our visuals can be used to create impactful advertising campaigns that capture the essence of your brand.

Concept Replication: We offer the ability to replicate our original concepts, allowing brands to benefit from our proven creative strategies.

Crafting visuals that resonate, creativity meets impact, and aesthetics meets global attention.

Awards &

Vimeo Staff Pick

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

Atlanta Shortfest

Brussel International Film Festival

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival

Athens Fashion Film Festival

Boston Short Film Festival

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